This page is a dedication
to our close family members
we have lost in recent times

Ruby Bramley

ruby bramley

Born in Victoria
to Kelsel James Bramley
and Rachel Ellen Clark.
Ruby grew up in country Victoria.
She was "One in a Million"
If you were in need she was there;
It could be a meal or a bed for
the night. If she had it,
she would give it.
A Lady with a Heart of Gold!

Robert Leonard Brown

robert leonard brown

Robert Brown or "Bob"as
he was known was born
in 1921 in Victoria to
George Benjamin Brown
and Janet Walker Bryce.
Bob was very handy with his hands
and worked as a Case maker.
He was a real gentleman.
He lived in Victoria all his life.

Edith Emily Noel

edith emily noel

Edith was the daughter of
Robert Noel and Emily Tuppen
She was born in England in 1897
Edith came to Western Australia with
her husband Thomas Mcleary and two
young daughters with the Group
Settlement Scheme. Edith
remained in the South West for
many years and raised a family of eight.

Thomas Neil Mcleary

thomas neil mcleary

Preferred to be called Neil.
He was born and raised in
Western Australia.
His parents were Thomas Mcleary
and Edith Emily Noel.
Neil worked on Timber Mills most
of his life. He was a real "bushy".
He loved the great outdoors
and anything connected with it
He loved to get out the rod
and go fishing.

Ruby Bramley
20th August 1923
23rd May 1981

Edith Emily Noel
4th January 1897
1st November 1982

Thomas Neil Mcleary
30th September 1932
12th January 1996

Charlie Klas
4th July 1953
1st November 1996

Robert Leonard Brown
21st October 1921
23rd July 1997

Reginald Philip Brown
3rd January 1952

Robert John Brown
1st November 1948
16th April 2000

Kelsel James Brown
7th September 1955
21st February 2006

Charlie Klas

charlie klas

Charlie was born in Fremantle W.A.
The son of Karel Klas and Anna Londa.
He had a very good heart
and was always there to lend a hand.
Charlie had a happy go lucky
outlook on life and he always
knew how to make you smile.

Reginald Philip Brown

reginald philip brown

Reg was son number four to
Robert Brown and Ruby Bramley
Reg moved to Queensland
from Victoria, there he married
and raised seven children.
He was always eager to see
his family and welcomed them
with open arms. He was
a caring person

Robert John Brown

robert john brown

Rob was the second eldest of
Robert Brown and Ruby Bramley's
children. He was a "Jack of all Trades".
Rob could do anything he put his mind to.
He loved the country life
and lived there most of his life.
He married and raised four sons.
A wonderful man we were proud to be
related to.

Kelsel James Brown

kelsel james nrown

Kel was the fifth son of Robert
Brown and Ruby Bramley.
He was always there for his family.
Kel was unlucky to suffer
alot of sickness in his life.
But it never stopped him from
being the caring person that
he was. He was like his Mum
and had a "Heart of Gold"

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